“Our customers experience renewal and reinforcement, with focus on efficient Engineering & Supply of high quality”

The story is that PipeCon A/S and ARM Steel Solutions A/S were two independent companies until 2017, after which Buur Invest A/S continued the operation of the two companies under the same management and domicile in Varde.


ARM Steel Solutions A/S began in Alslev, near Varde in south-west Jutland. The company was founded under the name Alslev Rustfri Montage A/S. This is where the initial letters came from to produce the company name ARM. Right from the start, the company focused on manufacturing in stainless steel, black steel and aluminium.


PipeCon A/S started in Grønbjerg near Spjald in central Jutland and domiciled in Skjern until 2017, when the company relocated to Varde. Right from the outset, the company’s focus was the design, development and production of products in stainless steel, black steel and aluminium.


PipeCon A/S and ARM Steel Solutions A/S found their common focus in 2017, along with an address in Varde. This means that the companies excel in the delivery of solutions that, right from the development phase, have been thought out on the basis of the customer’s individual wishes and requirements for high quality.


Manufacturing will be relocated to the division in Poland in 2018, to improve competitiveness. Technical designers, engineers, sales department and administration are all boosted in the Varde organisation.

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