“We provide you with solutions in stainless steel, aluminium and black steel that will live up to your expectations and requirements”

You will meet professionals who have the know-how and experience that you need in the manufacture of high quality customer-specific products.

PipeCon supplies …

  • Important KNOW-HOW about materials and potential
  • Extensive EXPERIENCE in the development process; from idea to finished solution
  • Adequate and sufficient RESOURCES, people, and machines
  • Well-tested METHODS to ensure the desired quality

At PipeCon, we are fully compliant with industry’s very high requirements for suppliers of tanks, machinery and assemblies/constructions etc.

PipeCon has supplied quality products to some of the largest companies in industry. We are fully aware of what is required when delivering a plant that unites all quality requirements.

All processes and workflows are properly documented. We also perform ongoing quality control of constructions and processes, right up to the final inspection and actual shipping. Contact us for a no strings discussion of our expertise as a supplier to industry.

  • Our ISO 9001 certification is up to date.

Contact us HERE to find out more about our areas of expertise as a supplier of specialist solutions.